We have won £60 million for our clients, through large and small contracts, with £20m in the past 12 months; we have over 200 clients and 600+ supply chain partners

Win rate: 75-90% depending on client/ type of funder



  • GLA ESF Parental Employment pan-London, £6.5 million
  • DWP Coast to Capital Access to Employment £500K
  • National Tutoring Programme Approved Provider £200K (only 32 providers appointed nationally)
  • LB Wandsworth Community Learning £140K
  • London Community Response Fund £50K
  • 2 GLA Covid-19 Emergency Recovery Fund wins, £100K 
  • LB Croydon Alternative Education Provision (framework)
  • LB Greenwich Employment Skills (framework)
  • The National Lottery Coronavirus Community Support Fund £50K  


  • GLA ESF Basic Skills pan-London, £2 million 
  • GLA Small Projects Fund £50K
  • 2 ESIF match funded Learning and Skills wins, £1 million 
  • 4 GLA Adult Education Budget contracts won; 3 for newcomers; total £10 million 
  • 100+ successful applications to the ESFA Register of Training Providers (RoTO) and Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) 100% success rate in 2019 
  • 6 ESFA Non-Levy Apprenticeship wins; 2 scored 100%
  • 5 ESFA Adult Education Budget wins; 4 for newcomers, 4 scored 100%
  • 4 Big Lottery Big Potential grant wins
  • GLA Young Londoners Fund £150K
  • DWP ESIF Youth Employment Initiative Liverpool, match funded project £1.2m
  • Dept of Culture, Media and Sport – Community Organising contract, £4.2m

2016 and previous years

  • ESFA ESF Skills Support for Unemployed, Creative Sector London, £1.8m, for a newcomer
  • SFA ESF Career Progression for those in Low Paid Employment £4.7m
  • SFA Higher Apprenticeship contract £500K
  • London Councils ESF £900K
  • 2 Big Lottery Building Better Opportunities wins, South East, £2m
  • Big Lottery Youth Investment Fund £500K
  • HIV Prevention London, £4m
  • 2 Big Lottery Local Sustainability Fund wins, £130K
  • 3 Department for Education Childcare Investment Readiness wins £150K
  • 14 Investment and Contract Readiness Fund (ICRF) wins, £800K
  • SFA ESF Skills Support for the Unemployed £2m
  • SFA ESF Skills Support for the Workforce £3.7m
  • SFA ESF Redeployment of Redundant Apprentices newcomer to the sector, £1.5m
  • SFA Direct Apprenticeship contract, new provider, £800k; SFA NEET £400k 
  • DWP JCP Support contract, new provider, S Wales, £5m