Adult Education Budget Procurement - Education and Skills Funding Agency 2017, GLA 2019

Bidright UK supported nine training providers to apply for ESFA Adult Education Budget funding in 2017 and 89% scored above the threshold required to win but the results are currently being challenged by providers who were not allocated funding as part of this procurement round.

In 2019, we won four GLA Adult Education Budget contracts, three for relative newcomers, with a total value of  £10 million. We are also helping some of these providers implement these contracts successfully.

We anticipate that the ESFA will carry out a further AEB procurement round in 2020/21 and that the GLA will also undertake AEB procurement in 2021.

Due to high levels of interest in these procurement rounds please contact us to establish a relationship prior to the procurement so that we can guarantee to be able to support you when tenders are released.

The ESFA is moving towards a more evidence based bid-writing approach and it takes time for us to collect the evidence we need from you, we cannot leave this till the last minute. Evidence required includes:

Self-Assessment Report including achievement data

  • Matrix Report
  • Ofsted Inspection Report
  • Learner and Employer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Case studies and references
  • Local stakeholders
  • Bidright can support you to collect this evidence prior to the next procurement round.

We can also support you to construct supply chains to assist with delivery and we can provide implementation support if you are successful.